• Malar Swiss

    Malar Swiss is the premium resource for Hindus & Christians wedding vendors in every category, from cinematography to floral and decor. Our specially chosen members are experienced with the unique traditions and customs of Europa weddings. It is our goal to connect brides with these A-list vendors who will help bring their dream weddings to life! Unlike other wedding sites, Malar Swiss Weddings only features a select group of premier vendors who are pre-screened for their stand-out experience with Tamil weddings. Take a moment to browse!

  • Maharajah Paradise

    Professional Decoration & Make up in Switzerland (Europe). Creating the most spectacular and unique ambience in any given location and taking your breath away is our specialty! If you have any queries about our decor or make up services, please don’t hesitate to contact us . Our crew will be delighted to answer all your queries and work with you to give your special event that unique touch!

  • Suji Palace

    உங்கள் திருமணம் , பூப்புனிதநீராட்டு விழா, பிறந்தநாள் விழா அனைத்திற்கும் தேவையான மணவறைகள் வர்ணத்துணி அலங்காரம் பலூன் அலங்காரங்கள் ஊஞ்சல், கோலம், மாலைகள், மலர்கொத்து அழைப்பிதழ்கள் போட்டோ அனைத்திற்கும் நாட வேண்டிய ஒரே இடம்.